Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anime Robots

Ever wondered back how those anime robots took part in reshaping your imagination as a kid? It was really fun and adventure to mimic those movements and weapons firing left and right. The 70’s and 80’s started the proliferation of these anime robots. I myself remembered much of the days of Voltes V, Diamos, Voltron, and Macross. To some extent I can somehow re-assemble the stories my friends about Mazinger Z, Black Shin Getter, Gaiking and Mecanda robot. I tried to take some time to watch it in you tube.
And yeah it is really a rendition from the 70s. Cool as what most say including me that spending time watching these anime series is great. It was part of the my growth. Fast forward now to the present time, a friend of mine from the office stumbled upon me and said “hey ever heard of Mazinger Z?” without hesitation I answered yes of course.

That robot is in line with the Voltes V era. But there’s much more. My friend said he has a couple of these toy robots like it was accidentally found in a lost treasure. For some reason or the other he has not revealed to me the details about. And atta boy! Their boxes are still intact. So here they are! – photos in their pristine condition down below! And their up for grabs! Relish the collection of your dreams! Write your comments down below the page so I can give further details and photos for you to buy them!

Mazinger Z

Black Shin GetterAdd Image


Specifications & Conditions:

All 3 has an ave of 17" tall

Vinyl material

China made (marmit)

Mazinger Z and Black Shin have boxes and in good condition

Gaiking has minor scratches, don't have box

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